Steak Classes 

Our background?

We're chef trained enthusiasts. Our methods go beyond restaurant level as we're not held back by time or price constraints.

We've cooked many steaks, continuing to do so. 

We study the origin of steak, its transformation, journey, interventions and effects of every aspect of the steaks life. 

Cooking Class

We provide at-home, enthusiast-level steak cooking classes for enhanced skill and knowledge.

Online session -  £30 - 15 Minutes

                                £50 - 45 minute 

in-person - £75 - 1 hour

                         £120 - 2 hour

We cover; the physical makeup of steak, prepping your cut slow, seasoning with variations, different cooking methods detailing the differences, full control of doneness, adding a textured crust, prepping a skillet for flavour, basting techniques and pan sauces.

Classes take place during cook time. We guide you through the process while you prep and cook your steak.