Our Story

We're chef trained enthusiasts. Our methods go beyond restaurant level as we're not held back by time or price constraints.

We've cooked many steaks, continuing to do so. 

We study the origin of steak, its transformation, journey and every aspect of the steaks life. 

It started with a love for quality steak but frustration in getting quality cuts at home. Our aim is to bring home-cooked steak to its full flavour potential.

Enjoying quality halal steak at home was nearly impossible.

That's what we set out to fix with Butcher’s Guild.

Our product range is entirely halal. Certified HFA with a full track record. Our livestock enjoys open fields, high-quality feed, and a low-stress environment. They don't contain antibiotics or hormones as they grow up in clean natural conditions.

As dry-age specialists, the focus is on curating the best possible flavour using only natural means.

Our long and slow ageing approach is to break down the enzymes and dehydrate the cut over time. This intensifies the flavour causing the cut to become something completely different.